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Our plans are custom-designed to your exact specifications!

We can design the plan to match your home or any style you want.

We draw our custom plans to show compliance with your local building codes.*

Pricing For a Custom Garage Plan
Basic plan, 599 square feet or less**$550
Basic plan, 600 - 1499 square feet**$650
Basic plan, 1500 - 2500 square feet**$750
Additional items:
Addition to existing house or garageadd $200-$500
Finished living area/ apartment spaceadd $0.95/sq. ft
Hand-framed roof designadd $100+
Brick/ stone exterior (full or partial)add $100
Dormers for roofadd $100
CMU/ICF/Concrete wallsadd $200
**A basic plan is a rectangular plan with 2x4 or 2x6 framing, clear-span prefabricated trusses for the roof framing and a ceiling height of 10' or less

Prices shown here are estimates based on typical projects. Please contact us for a free quote. Prices may be higher in California.

See our Frequently asked questions for more information.

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